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Experiences at ONENESS

During your stay at ONENESS, you may partake in our curated activities designed specially to educate, invigorate, or sedate. All are not offered every day, so please contact our Activities Manager to know about the scheduled activities of the day.

Beach Relaxation

Beach Relaxation: Unwind on the white, glossy sands of our riverside beach, taking in the soothing sounds of the Ganges and breath-taking views of the natural surroundings.

Garden Massage

Garden Massage: Get a traditional Head, Shoulder & Foot massage from our local village expert. We suggest a tip of Rs.100-200 for a 20 min. massage as the resort does not partake in their earnings.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing: Challenge yourself with guided rock climbing on our natural rock wall. *Suitable for children aged 8 years & above

Tree Climbing and Jumping

Tree Climbing and Jumping: Enjoy the thrill of guided tree-climbing in our forest. And for added adventure, try tree jumping—a thrilling activity for both adults and children.


Beach Volleyball

Enjoy a friendly game of volleyball on the sandy shores of the Ganges.

Nature Talk

Nature Talk: Gain insights into the local ecosystem with a 20-minute presentation by our naturalist.

Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking: Engage in a 30-minute mindfulness session with the naturalist, exploring the serene surroundings through mindful walking.

Hikes & Treks

Guided Trek to Bandarchatti (2.5 km): Embark on a guided trek for those seeking a more active experience.


Healing Gratitude Circle

Healing Gratitude Circle: Reflect on and share moments of gratitude and positivity in a circle setting.



Stargazing: Explore the night sky, sharing fascinating stories and facts about constellations.

Memory Plantation

Memory Plantation: Plant a tree in the memory of a loved one or for yourself and remain connected to ONENESS as your tree flourishes (chargeable).

Bonfire and Jamming

Bonfire and Jamming: Engage in a music jamming & storytelling session under the starlit sky around the warmth of a bonfire.


Fun Family Float

Fun Family Float: Enjoy a 30-minute gentle float on our private raft around the Arrival Beach (chargeable). ** minimum height limit is 4ft 10in

Kids Activities

Our younger guests can indulge in activities such as Sandcastle Building [3-7 years], Tree Planting Relay, Nature Art Station, Tent Pitching, Nature Obstacle Course, Bird Watching Challenge & Wildlife Tracking.