Where you are at ONE with nature, at ONE with your loved ones, at ONE with the present moment, and most importantly, at ONE with yourself.

Cocooned in the embrace of the Lower Shivalik mountain range, emerges ONENESS, a harmonious tapestry of river, flora and fauna.

A luxury wilderness resort located 30 km beyond the town of Rishikesh in a riverside forested area, ONENESS is accessible exclusively on our private rafts. Our 12 Luxury Cottages are flanked on either side by 2 private white-sand beaches while the majestic River Ganga flows sinuously by.

We share this vibrant mountain with monkeys, langurs, wild cats and the elusive Black Bear and the skies with hundreds of bird species, including the enchanting Scarlet Minivet, melodious Himalayan Bulbul and River Lapwing. The canvas of ONENESS is painted with a rich palette of Sal, Haldu, Figs, and Mulberry trees, creating a biodiverse haven.

We welcome you to a sanctum where every step is a dance with the Himalayan breeze, and every breath harmonises with the mountains' heartbeat—a testament to the eternal pursuit of ONENESS.

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